copy and paste yourself into my bed

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I was so sentimental about you I’d break anyone’s heart for you. My, I was a damned fool. I broke my own heart, too. It’s broken and gone. Everything I believe in and everything I cared about I left for you because you were so wonderful and you loved me so much that love was all that mattered. Love was the greatest thing, wasn’t it?
Ernest Hemingway, To Have And Have Not (via emergentpattern)

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*chuckles while crying on the inside*


*chuckles while crying on the inside*

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Lately, feminists like Annie Lennox, bell hooks and Emma Watson have taken issue with Beyoncé’s sexual openness. While trying to discredit Beyoncé as a feminist, they seem to have forgotten one of the most important parts of Chimamanda’s speech in ***Flawless.

"What does a lady dress like, exactly? And who decided what a lady looks like? What bearing should one’s clothing have on one’s identification as a feminist? This is exactly the kind of misogynist policing we’ve fought tooth and claw against for decades, and to level this line of “reasoning” at Beyoncé is not only antifeminist, it is despicable." (x)

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I want a boyfriend
*talks to a boy*
Never mind I want chick fil a waffle fries

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I’ll marry a person who knows how I take my
tea, coffee, and alcohol
And knows when to make which.
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when u and ur friends look fresh af


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Cuddle weather? Fuck that. It’s hickey season. You can hide anything behind a large scarf.


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"there are all kinds of love
in this world, but never
the same love twice."
~f.scott fitzgerald

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